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Useful hints on designing a T-shirt
Summer season arrives yet again. Boys and girls have started revamping their wardrobe. How can you ignore T-shirts? Though you can always modify a T-shirt to make it look better but you can design one from the start maybe earning a few bucks as well. Some steps are given below which can guide you in this process:

Initializing with a clear mind:
Do your homework first and plan your design. You should know the purpose of the shirt. If the objective is to do brand promotion of your company or music group, then you have to concentrate on logo, preciseness and visibility. A T-shirt just for casual wear should have composition, originality and color coordination. Go for totality, not for bits and pieces. What color combination would serve your purpose? You should know how to match and coordinate colors. How much should be the covered area for design imprint and would you want the design to appear on both front and back? It is viable to use your pencils to convert your ideas on paper which will help you clear your mind about what you want.

Finalizing an image:
You could use an image also in your design. Take your own photo using a public-domain image since you would be working digitally. You could also buy a stock image including it into your work. Software can also be used with a high capacity for treatment (PaintShop Pro, Photoshop etc.). An ordinary image can be used to suit your requirement. An image could also be resized online.

Finalizing an image:
There are different ways of using an image for the shirt. You can either turn your software design into a digital image or if you are really good with pencils, then you can scan them and finalize them with image-altering software.

Image fixing:
Improve your image by playing with filters, brightness, saturation, colors or any other effects at your disposal. Complement your image with any other embellishments to make it more beautiful. It is best to keep the entire layout consistent with color scheme and styles.

Font display:
Most of the times, you will want to add some text to the design on the T-shirt. Fonts should be easy to read and you can even install new fonts. You could consider updating yourself with how to add fonts to your computer or Photoshop.

Printing the design
Printing the design onto the shirt can be done by seeking professional help for best results. However, you may also print the design and iron it onto the shirt yourself.

Once you have become master of the trade, you can even think of earning some income from the exercise above. Good luck!

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