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Siouxland Renaissance Festival, June 1st & 2nd, 2024
Siouxland Renaissance Festival

We are privileged to once again provide to you the "Siouxland Renaissance XXIII" T-shirts. Thank You for your support of this Educational and Fun-filled event.
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J. Bird Wines a Farm Winery | in Stanchfield, Minnesota.
J. Bird Wines
2024 Spring Mead Sale

Saturdays Apr 6th through May 18th,
Stanchfield, Minnesota. Jessie and Matthew invite you to the Farm Winery in Stanchfield, MN. Doors open at 10:00AM to 5:00PM. Save 15% on Meadery prices when you bring your own clean, food grade containers to fill: Water or milk jugs, wine or liquor bottles, growlers or grumblers, etc. All products are first come first serve.
Prefilled Liter botles for sale.

Merchandise... 3 Celts & Company will be onsite and selling Celtic items from jewelry to books to music and custom shirts and kilts made to order!
Free to attend! Anyone under 21 years must be escourted.
The Minnesota Scottish Fair, August 5th & 6th, 2022
The Minnesota Scottish Fair &
Highland Games

The Highland Heavy Games return on July 13th, 2024 to the Minnesota Scottish Fair! Located at Macalester Collage campus, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Visit their web site explore the many FUN ways to participate and support our Scottish experience in Minnesota.

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Fort Pierre Celtic Faire & Games
Fort Pierre Celtic Faire & Games

The Celtic Faire has once again joined with us in at their Beautiful Location near the confluence of the Missouri and the Bad Rivers, in Fort Pierre SD. We are pleased to provide you with their official T-shirt, from 3 Celts and Company. Your secure on-line purchase allows the Faire & Games to bring to you the event that you know and the entertainment that you want.

Support the Celtic Faire and Games today with your secure SSL on-line purchase which benefits our neighbors and friends right here in South Dakota.
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Moorhead Celtic Festival | in Moorhead, Minnesota.
Celtic Festival
Hjemkomst Center • Moorhead

March 16, 2024. A celebration of the rich culture of the seven Celtic Nations featuring the intriguing history, arts, and traditions of Brittany, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Galicia, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Saturday March 16 :: enjoy the sights and sounds of the Celtic heritage you know and love. The celtic festival features music, dancing, trivia, tastes and more. Celtic Festival is the perfect event for the whole family.

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Event Services
Event Services

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